Unit Sizes

Sizes and Features

5×10 – Walk in closet: Small amounts of furniture, chest of drawers, box springs and mattress.

10×10 – One Bedroom Apartment: Sofas, chairs, appliances, small items, boxes, mattress and box spring.

10×15 – Two Bedroom Apartment: Appliances, commercial storage, furniture, dining room set, boxes, mattress, box spring and other small items.

10×20 – Three Bedroom House: Mattresses, Appliances, lots of boxes, furniture, dining room set. Ideal for storage racks.

12×30 – Four to Five Bedroom House: Several mattresses, bed frames, dining room furniture, other large furniture and boxes.  Also ideal for storing a vehicle.

Enclosed RV Unit Sizes (Grove Location)




Electricity is available in select RV units.